Monday, May 8, 2017

An unheard Jew of 1943

Men with the gun, unheard scream of death,
Silent whisper of genocide, high wall,mess,
Screams, cries, filth, hunger and blood,
Sharp teeth of camp, my legs in mud.

And still I see sun, still I can breath.
Light wind of hope, freedom I miss.
I wish I could stand free and tall,
I wish I could pray away from it all.

And silence still screams “Shnell” ”Shnell”
And torture and pain, disgusting smell.
And still I pray, all day and all night
I know that He hears, I know we can fight.

My soul is much clearer than their hands,
We stand much higher, me and my friends.
They have a power, all world under sword.
But there is no eternal power except Lord!

I have seen pain, I felt breath of war.
Holocaust camp,small cage, locked door.
I suffered hunger, cold, hits, felt damp walls.
But my heart is warm, I’ll pray for their pity souls.

Gas-chamber is much nearer than sun…
They push us, tell us : “Your life is done”
Ringing voice of Holocaust in our heads.
But we are the winners. Here battle ends. 2008